Vaccine cold boxes arn't good enough for safe rural delivery.

Millions of deaths can be prevented through the proper use of safe cold chain equipment. As many know, reaching rural communities is amoung one of the worlds toughest problems.



AVC 44 mobile vaccine boxes (left) are among the most widely used vaccine boxes in the world as they are cheap to produce and can provide an insulated environment to store temperature sensitive vaccine.  However, when you look closely into their effectiveness as a tool for safe vaccine carriage they run into a myriad of issues associated with last-mile vaccine delivery.

The best performing box on the market right now only safely provides

2-8°C for 7.48hrs at 43°C (see WHO link)


It takes 10 hours to condition a cold pack in a fridge before each use.


Is this enough to safely get $3,500 worth of vaccine to a remote village?


What if your car/boat/moped breaks down?

You hit traffic?

The villagers don't show up and you have to return?

You don't have access to power?


Time is not on your side and the lives of hundreds of people could depend on the safe delivery of vaccine.



We need better cooling long term cooling ability for rural vaccination deliveries.


We are currently developing a long distance solution for use in developing nations and will have more info after we complete our field trials.




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